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août 20th, 2021

Powwows! Powwows! Learn All About It!

All About Powwows I have always loved going to the powwow that takes place in my home community on the Lake Helen Reserve near Nipigon, Ontario. Hearing the singers’ voices soar through the sky as the dancers so beautifully move to the beat of the drum, the trees surrounding the circle dance alongside them, and […]

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août 18th, 2021

Rossport Perseid Meteor Shower

A couple of years ago, my partner and I stayed at Superior Views in Rossport, Ontario for an anniversary weekend getaway. The most memorable experience of the trip was the incredible night sky. Rossport is a small Northern Ontario village on the shores of Lake Superior that is almost completely devoid of light pollution. I […]

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juillet 11th, 2021

Visiting the Lake Superior Sea Lion

I’ve visited the Lake Superior Sea Lion countless times when I was younger but as an adult I’ve always found excuses not to re-visit. I’m too busy with work, I’m too tired from yard work, or, and I’ll admit it, I’m just too darn lazy! Well not this time. I’ve told so many people about […]

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juillet 11th, 2021

Visiting Ouimet Canyon

Visiting Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park has always been on my bucket list. I hate to admit it, but I’ve lived in Thunder Bay and the surrounding area most of my life but have never been to the Park. It is a short 57km (35 miles) drive east of Thunder Bay near Dorion, in Ontario’s Superior […]

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juillet 9th, 2021

Chippewa Park

100 Years of Fun! Chippewa Park is celebrating its 100-year anniversary! That’s a whole century of family fun, childhood nostalgia, get togethers and events along the beautiful coast of Lake Superior.  Chippewa Park first opened on July 15th, 1921 and to commemorate there will be a Family Festival with a variety of local entertainment and […]

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mars 11th, 2021

Sentiers du lac Supérieur

Les sentiers de randonnée autour du lac Supérieur sont presque infinis. Les sentiers du lac Supérieur offrent une variété de types de terrain, de niveaux de difficulté, des belvédères avec des panoramas qui s’étendent à perte de vue, et des chutes d’eau. Vous trouverez des randonnées d’une journée et des promenades sur le littoral du […]

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février 23rd, 2021

Photographier les aurores

Je vais deviner que si vous êtes intéressé à apprendre à photographier les aurores boréales, c’est que… Vous avez déjà vu des aurores boréales; Vous vous attendez à en voir d’autres. Si vous ne pouvez pas répondre oui à l’une ou l’autre de ces affirmations, il serait judicieux de consulter cet article qui vous aidera […]

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